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These aluminum backed graphics are the perfect solution for textured environments such as brick, asphalt, and rugged surfaces. This media is a new print technology perfect for making any rugged area part of your advertising strategy.
  • Rugged aluminum foil base material conforms and holds to the texture of the surface its applied to

  • High Durability - holds up to most weather conditions

  • Wider material for better yeild - 53" of completely usable space for edge-to-edge printing capability

  • Anti-Slip Surface

  • Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive perfectly balances strength and tack

  • Simple peel and stick installation...NO DAMAGING HEAT GUNS!

  • Typically no residue remains on the surface with peel-off removal

  • Environmentally friendly - no PVC or hazardous ingredients, dispose with aluminum recycling

  • Simply a better value...lower price point than alternatives without sacrificing quality

  • Made in the USA