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Signicade Deluxe A-Frame

Original price $149.95 - Original price $229.95
Original price
$149.95 - $229.95
Current price $214.95
Color: White
Perfect for parking lots, sidewalks and high-traffic outdoor areas.


As a business owner, the last thing you need to worry about is whats in the forecast. With a Signicade® and coroplast or polystyrene inserts, you just set it and forget it – in rain, snow or any other type of weather. The durable plastic frame wont rust or damage easily, and you can fill the frame water or sand to make it more wind-resistant. And since its 100% plastic (with no paint), normal wear and tear is barely noticeable. In the recessed sign area, corrugated plastic inserts feature fade-resistant printing that keeps your message looking sharp and bold.

Using your sign
• Inserts fit perfectly in recessed sign areas.
Tabs hold your graphics firmly in place, without damaging them.
You can remove your inserts just by sliding them up and out.

• Insert dimensions: 24" x 36" (W x H)
Frame dimensions: 25" x 45" x 3"  (W x H x D)
Weight of frame: 18 lbs.